Guido’s passion for goats and their milk was born during his studies and his internship at the university. His thesis is indeed about goat milk. After his degree in Sciences and Technologies of Animal Production he worked for about one year in a big dairy in the province of Pisa where he took care of the quality control and the production process. Then an important analytics lab in Bologna called him to become a technical consultant for their clients in Tuscany, Umbria and Alto Lazio. It was an excellent job. But Guido dreamt of something else: set up a agricultural and livestock farm, producing and selling dairy products.

Thus in November 2009 (while he was still working as a consultant) he took over the family farm, a farm that was set up in the beginning of the 1900’s. The farm consists of 40 hectares of land and 2500 olive trees that have always and still produce extra vergin organic olive oil IGP TOSCANO.

In the spring of 2012, the owner of a dairy farm where Guido did his internship during his studies on which he based his thesis, contacted him and proposed to take care of his goats, a flock of around 20 goats, all producing milk. he could no longer take care of them but wanted to leave them in the care of a person he could trust. This is how Guido's dream started to materialise. He milked the goats twice a day, morning and evening, and started producing goat milk cheese that was soon very much appreciated in the local area.

In 2013 Guido bought a small flock of about 20 goats of the Saanen type, all producing milk and around 15 goats of the chamois of the Alps type of 5 months old. These would have started producing milk the next year. Right now the dairy has about 50 Saanen goats and 50 La Caune sheep, all signed up in the genealogical book of breeds.

The dairy has also changed and got bigger every year, making it possible to produce a different variety of raw milk cheeses.


The video above has been made by ristorante Il Campaccio Bistreet a Empoli.