Guido, his wife Stefania and a small team of collaborators manage personally every detail in the cheese making process since 2009. A passion that wasn't just born accidentally. Guido grew up on this land where he wanted to return to after his working experience with large cheese producers and finishing his degree in Science and Technology of Animal Production from the university of Pisa.

Now he can do what he has always wanted: make excellent products with modern technology and antique ingredients.

Why are our cheeses ‘unique’? Because we only use milk and ingredients of the highest quality.

When the milk is of high quality, the number of bacteria is low and it is possible to use the milk without overheating, exactly like we do. This 'raw milk’  transformation exalts all the scents and genuine aromas of our pastures.

If one tastes a bit of Tuscany in our cheese, the reason is because we sow the kinds of forage that is most suitable to our land, unique and unchanged, just like the milk we produce.

The lactic flora, the vitamins, all the aromatic and nutritional resources, you will find them exactly like they were created by Mother Nature.

Here, in the green heart of Tuscany, in Val d’Elsa.


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